There’s more to come now that petitioning is over for PassMass this year. First of all a PARTY will be held in Cambridge, probably on the 20th of December! Mark the date!

THEN we’ll be visiting the statatehouse, getting people to call and write, AND organizing to try again next year!

Please join us!

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  1. Reply David

    What was the total number of signatures gathered?
    Did you get signatures certified?
    If so, what was the total number of signatures certified?
    Has the complaint you filed with the Supreme Judicial Court been decided?
    If so, what was the decision?

    If there are links to documents such as your complain or the ruling on your complaint, would you provide them?


  2. Reply The Jo

    Please join forces with The American Promise movement (headquartered in Concord, MA).. Also, I’m also wondering about the questions David asked above…

    1) Total number of signatures?
    2) Were the signatures certified?
    3) Total number of certified signatures?
    4) Has the complaint filed with the State Supreme Judicial Court been decided…?
    5) What are the names of the MA State Legislators that support this ballot initiative…?

    A prompt reply would be appreciated, thanks!!!

    • Reply Terra

      Hi there! I must have missed David’s post second. He’s posted the same thing via email, and I thought I’d answered. We got almost 18,000 “certified” signatures. The number that were not certified was about 12%. I can get the exact numbers if needed. The complaint was “dropped” because we didn’t get 65,000 signatures, which would be what would be required to get to the SJC. The link to see the endorsers of the BALLOT INITIATIVE (petition) is here: Please note that there are 2 “PassMass” bills in the statehouse, to amend the Massachusetts Constitution, based on “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech”. While the aim is the same as the petition, the mechanism is different. The bills can be progressed by the Legislature without the petition and without “permission” from the SJC. See the bills here: For more info, please contact Gina Sonder, the PassMass Statehouse Liaison: More info:

      Also, to your reference to the American Promise. I believe that everyone we know is aware of the American Promise, which is working toward a US amendment. PassMassAmendment people want a US amendment, but are focused on amending the state constitution. Like Marijuana and Gay Rights, the states have a lot of power, and together they can make change… we can bootstrap the national movement to get BIG MONEY OUT of our elections.

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