Moving Forward in 2016!

Moving Forward in 2016

“Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech.”

Are you totally caught up in this year’s unconventional Presidential Campaign and Supreme Court stand-off?

We think that NOW is the BEST POSSIBLE political climate to GET $$$$ OUT OF POLITICS, starting right HERE in MASSACHUSETTS!See Calendar Here! Add our events to your calendar!


*APRIL 10th*, 1:30-4:40 pm

Watertown Free Public Library

2nd floor; 123 Main St, Watertown, Massachusetts 02472 (MBTA & Free Parking) Details of meeting location and agenda posted here

_*May* PMA MONTHLY MEETING IS SUNDAY, *MAY 8th*, 1:30-4:40 pm;_Watertown Free Public Library; 123 Main St, Watertown, Massachusetts 02472


Bea part of the NEW PMA SHAWG (State House Action Working Group)

The PMA State House Action Working Group (SHAWG) meets monthly in the MA State House to advocate and promote PMA’s mission and to support companion legislation, such as S_53 and H_933.

All are welcome to join this newly forming WG, meet with legislators, call and write in support of our mission – to get the corrupting influence of BIG $$$ out of our political process!


*Make your Voice Heard* – Script for your call or letter:

*Get your neighbors on Board* – Statement of support – please share widely with your friends and allies:–vOFGr6TC4uOEC7sE2rEPSB41bF5r-8

Wear your PMA-TEE and *Show your Support* at the next scheduled State Constitutional Convention*

*Wednesday, May 18th at 1 pm*, Re-convening of the State Constitutional Convention (Part V)

Gather at 12:45 pm – House Gallery (4th Fl.) of the State House

– *better known as the “ConCon” – in which proposed Amendments to the State Constitution are brought to the House Floor for consideration.

*S_53*<> <> or

*H_933*<> <>

Both bills are on the calendar; however the Fair Share Amendment may dominate the Joint Session, leaving no time for the PMA endorsed bills tobe taken up at this ConCon, but your presence is valuable, none-the-less. If debate does not result in a vote, we anticipate that the ConCon will convene one last time, to conclude the business on the calendar – see link for ConCon – Event + Agenda Posted here:

Please RSVP to <> if you intend to join PMA at the State House.

Thank you for being a part of this critical grassroots movement,


PMA State House Liaison <>

/“Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech.”/

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