New PassMass bill numbers! H.63, H.3483, H.3559


Three State House bills, based on PassMassAmendment language, need your support!

  1. Bill H.63 would amend the Massachusetts Constitution, based on “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech.” The Joint Committee on the Judiciary has until May 10th to deliver their ruling for H.63. For the full legislature to be able to vote on H.63, we need this bill to get “out of committee.” Stayed tuned by visiting our Facebook page.

Please write to the Judiciary Committee and tell them you want them to move this bill onto the floor for a vote. Ask your state legislators to support H.63 as well.

  1. Bill H.3559 requires disclosure of all original sources of political contributions, or a disclaimer is added to all advertisements that foreign nationals are most likely funding this advertisement. Bills H.63 and H.3559 were filed by State Rep. Paul Mark (Peru, Mass.).
  2. Bill H.3484, which would limit political contributions from non-Massachusetts-residents, was filed by State Rep. Mike Connolly (Cambridge, Mass.).

We expect hearings for H.3484 and H.3559 with the Joint Committee on Election Laws in the near future. When we know the date(s), we’ll send out an Action Alert.

Please ask your state legislators to support H.63, H.3484 and H.3559. If they are already supporting the bills, please thank them! (Click here for sample letter.)


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