Petition Drive and Ballot Initiative to Amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to declare: "Corporations Are Not People" "Money Is Not Speech"

“Big Money” in politics hurts our communities and small business. Corporate dominance of Government and the political process is placing undue burdens on the people.

PassMass visits Senate President Rosenberg

Standing Room Only! Constituents of Senate President Rosenberg meet with Sr Legislative Aide Stephen Maher to discuss the two proposed Amendments to our MA State Constitution – S-53 & H-933 – that clarify “Corporations are NOT People!” and “Money is NOT Speech!” These bills MUST be heard before the legislative session ends, and be given […]

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Moving Forward in 2016!

Moving Forward in 2016 “Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech.” Are you totally caught up in this year’s unconventional Presidential Campaign and Supreme Court stand-off? We think that NOW is the BEST POSSIBLE political climate to GET $$$$ OUT OF POLITICS, starting right HERE in MASSACHUSETTS!See Calendar Here! Add our events to your […]

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