We have started the process of a ballot initiative to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to declare that “Corporations are not People, Money is not Speech”. We believe that the framers of the Massachusetts Constitution never meant for corporations to be considered people.

We have decided to follow this path because we feel that we have no other option. We tried to get the corrupting influence of money out of politics, in 1998 with a ballot initiative referred to as “Clean Elections Law”. It was passed by voters by a 2 to 1 margin. The initiative demanded that the Massachusetts Legislature act. But the Massachusetts Legislature refused to fund it and then ended it with a voice vote. It is obvious to us that the corrupting influence of money in our political process has left us with what we feel is our only option, the ballot initiative to “clarify” our Constitution. See more legal discussion here.

We have a VERY limited time to obtain almost 65,000 valid signatures in 2 months. The language would then need to be passed by two consecutive sessions of the Massachusetts Legislature with at least 25% approval. At that point the “ballot question” would be placed on the 2018 ballot.

Let it be known that amending the longest lasting document of its kind should not be easy. But we are prepared to make this journey. We come from Massachusetts, a state that led the way in one Revolution and is now being called upon to lead the way in another. It takes 2/3 of Congress to put forth an Amendment to the U.S Constitution with 75% of the states voting for it to be ratified. Let us help Massachusetts achieve another first for the good guys by passing this Amendment to our Constitution.

To make a point, I like to ask people what issue is most important to them. Before they answer, I tell them that as long as money is such a corrupting influence on our political process, that issue that is most important to them will not be resolved to their satisfaction.

To be able to accomplish this lofty goal, we will need help.

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